Site FAQ


1. Who is Stumptown Bliss?

  The folks at Stumptown Bliss are a collection of professional camera operators, directors, producers, system engineers, and Internet gurus.  These folks all have decades of experiences but all share the same love for music.  Many play their own instruments and attend far more shows then one would think is humanly possible  It is this love of music along with our video experience that brings together a great team of people focused on providing a high quality virtual experience.  We encourage everyone to go see live music but if you are held up with lifes obligations than you may enjoy them here.

2.  Privacy concerns.

  We too have expereinced these same concerns and feel there is a simple solution.  Just don't share anything acheter cialis en ligne.  We respect yours and everyone privacy.  We feel we don't need to ask for a lot of information and don't store any items on the servers other then your login credentials.  We strive to limit any possible exposure of your personal details flagyl cost
  We also respect those privacy concerns of the artist we film.  We are in direct communications with them and provide a strickly confidential arrangement. 

3. Log in problems

  If you have any problem you may contact us and we will work to resolve all issues.  Just fill out the form under contact us. 
Some items to try:
- Remember your username and password are case sensitive.
- Make sure javascript is enabled.
- If your browser hangs for more the 30 seconds try freshing the page.