Live show FAQ


1. When is the show starting?

    Well, it's a live show and many times they are slightly delayed.  We will have a live stream of the venue up and running so you willl be able to see the place and test the broadcast approximately 15 minutes before the show starts.

2. How long is the show available?
    Approximately 10 days after the live broadcast the show will be made available for viewing.  This is usually made available for video on demand viewing up to one year.  This may change with different agreements with artist. 

3. What do I need to stream the show?

   We currently support Flash Player 10.x  We suggest you download the latest version on adobe's site here.  So, any device that supports flash will work.  We will be supporting other devices in the future.

4. Rebuffering or stopping problems?

  We belive that if you are watching a video you would like to view it in the highest quality possible.  While that is our goal, some times their are problems during live event.  Things to check on your end.  viagra online

   A. Do you have at least a 1MB download? 
   B. Are you downloading anything else while watching the show?  - Torrents, Instant Messaging, video pages like YouTube, Vimeo.
   C  Are you on a wireless network?  Try using a wire connection as some times wireless get congested and slow your performance.
   D. Have you tested your connection?  - Try testing your connection here.

5. Is this the best quality? 

  We at Stumptown Bliss belive you should be experiencing a great visual as well as audio show.  We broadcast at higher quality than most others out there as we want the best.  Unfortuately some locations are difficult and we have have to lower the quality of the live stream.  Not to worry, as we will upload a higher quality shortly after the show so you may enjoy later. 


6. Censorship?

  This is a big question on the internet and with live broadcast in general.  Although we respect everyones opinion we don't belive any artist should be censored.  We want you to be able to experience the same show the live audience enjoys. 


7 Chat room?

  Our chat room is unique to all the rest.  Not only do we allow all the people viewing the show online to join the chat we allow those at the show to give comments from the venue directly  We have technical support people that will help with any problems plus a hostess to help answer any questions.  If you are at a show we are broadcasting, visit the information booth and gives us your comments and type a quick message to those online.